Premtek International Inc., a professional sales and service distributor for semiconductor equipments and consumables, offers solutions to all the semiconductor segments including IC design, front-end manufacturing, testing and packaging. With 3 offices near Hsinchu, Kaohsiung and Pudong in Shanghai. Founded in 1988, today Premtek currently carries 25 product lines from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Singapore to provide proactive local services to the clients in the Great China territory. The fundamental operational focus of Premtek is to meet and exceed client's requirements through teamwork and to promote industry excellence in the management of safety, quality, and human relations in every project we undertake. Premtek' success is due not only to its comprehensive range but also to its commitment to support services and its experienced staff. The trained staff at Premtek can be reached at any time for emergency supplies or advice, and they can offer suggestions to assist with even the most complex situations. Our aim is to remain extremely competitive in all aspects of our business, we value your support and we look forward to being of service to you in the near future.


1. Premtek(CQT) – 2 " ~12 " Fully Auto Dual-Chambers RTP
2. EPM Test Inc. (Mosaid Systems Inc.) – General Purpose & High Speed Memory Bench Tester
3. Asymtek – High Speed Automatic Dispensing System
4. Hanmi Semiconductor – Total Solution for Back-End Assembly House
5. Hanmi Semiconductor – Sawing & Placement Systems for Flip-Chip Substrate
6. March Plasma Systems – Plasma Cleaner, Plasma Etcher, R.I.E. (Reactive Ion Etching) System
7. STI (Semiconductor Technology Instruments) – 2D/ 3D IC inspection, Wafer Sorting, Taping System and Test Handler
8. YTEC -S50 (Ex-Verigy)Versatile SOC test system

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    Semiconductor-Plasma Cleaning,Semiconductor-RTP,Semiconductor-Wafer Probe,Semiconductor-Testing loader/unloader,Semiconductor-Wet/Printing/Reflow,Semiconductor-Wafer Dicing/Cutting,Semiconductor-sealed Dicing/Cutting,Semiconductor-Trim/ Form,Semiconductor-Die Bonder,Semiconductor-Flip Chip Bonder ,Semiconductor-Chip sorter,Semiconductor-Plasma Cleaning,Semiconductor-Dispenser,Semiconductor-Bumping Tester/ Inspecter,Semiconductor-2D/3D measuring System,Semiconductor-Analog/Linear Testing,Semiconductor-Digital/Logic Testing,Semiconductor-Memory IC Testing,Semiconductor-Mixed Signal IC Testing ,Semiconductor-SoC Testing,Semiconductor-IC Tester/ Burn in Machine,Semiconductor-Mass Flow Controller,Semiconductor-UV Lamp,Display-Anneal Oven,Display-Seal/ Printing Machine,LED-Dicing/ Cutting,LED-PSS,LED-RTA/ Furnace,LED-Dicing,LED-Die Bonder,LED-Wire Bonder,Solar-Wafer sorter,Solar-IQC sorter,Solar-Se (Selenization) Furnace

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    Mike Hsu

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    4F, No. 47, Lane 2, Kuang Fu Road, Sec.2, Hsinchu300, Taiwan 查詢Google地圖

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