TOPCO has achieved rapid growth in both business operation and margin every year since established in 1990. As being a total solution provider in high tech industries, we have always based upon our professionalism to expand new business areas and to introduce new products, new technology and new services to our customers. The new product, technology and services are applied to various industrial fields, including semiconductor materials and equipments, opto-electronic materials and equipments, electronic materials, environmental engineering, used equipment system integration and maintenance, spare parts investments, turnkey fab establishments and relocations and so on. Based on our expertise, we have earned much recognition from our customers.

Besides being an agency of Shin-Etsu Group, a global semiconductor company in Japan, for semiconductor and opto-electronics products, TOPCO cooperated with Japanese Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co. to establish TOPCO Quartz Products Co. in 1993. In 1995, we further cooperated with Japanese Shin-Etsu Group to set up Shin-Etsu Opto electronic Co. and Shin-Estu Hanodotai Taiwan Co. to provide the materials needed for semiconductor and opto-electronic industries.

In response to global trends in environmental protection and energy saving and carbon reduction, TOPCO based on the spirit of corporate social responsibility to actively develop green energy business in order to provide relevant materials and equipments, planning, system integration and turnkey services. We hope to raise the consensus of environmental protection through environmental education so that together TOPCO and the whole society are in pursuit of the highest welfare of mankind.


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    Semiconductor-Sputter,Semiconductor-ALD,Semiconductor-ECD,Semiconductor-Plasma Cleaning,Semiconductor-PR Coater/ Baker,Semiconductor-Stepper Exposurer/Scanner Exposurer,Semiconductor-Mask/ Mask Aligner,Semiconductor-Developer,Semiconductor-Charge Erase,Semiconductor-Dry Etching,Semiconductor-Wet Etching,Semiconductor-Dry Stripping,Semiconductor-Wet Stripping,Semiconductor-Mask Etching,Semiconductor-CMP,Semiconductor-CMP Cleaning,Semiconductor-Ion implantation,Semiconductor-RTP,Semiconductor-Oxidation & Diffusion Oven,Semiconductor-Wet Bench,Semiconductor-Spary Bench,Semiconductor-Dry Mechine,Semiconductor-Expo Dimension Measure,Semiconductor-Thickness Measure,Display-Photomask Inspection,Display-Dry Etcher,Display-Wet Etcher,LED-Exposurer,LED-Developer/ Stripper

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    Robert Lai

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    (02) 8751-0011

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    483, Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11493, Taiwan 查詢Google地圖

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    Hank Li

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